SCIENCE IGNITE AFRICA Engaging the Power of Electronic Technologies in Learning Our Team of Science Igniters through the support of our partners, have developed an elearning platform for schools. This will enhance the reach of quality STEM education to children and adolescents all over Africa. Our classes are full of practical solutions. INSTRUCTOR STUDENT SPONSOR A CHILD We Teach "Practical" Science We Make Science Simple With over 500 Topics to be taught by selected teachers, we have developed courses and topics that will help students truly understand the depths and beauty of STEM education. Practical sessions ensure knowledge is both theoretical and practical. INSTRUCTOR STUDENT SPONSOR A CHILD MEMORY TRAINING "There is no such thing as a bad memory, only an Untrained One" Do you have a difficulty in memorizing uninteresting articles, subjects, names, formulas? Dive into our memory training classes. You will be shocked how awesome your memory is. INSTRUCTOR STUDENT SPONSOR A CHILD